Defensive Tackle for Favre?


Bob McGinn’s entire article on the increasingly grim outlook for the middle of the Packers’ defensive line is worth a read.  It’s entirely possible that despite all of the attention we’ve paid to the quarterback situation the major area of concern will end up being the defensive line.

In any case, this nugget, in connection with the Brett Favre trade talks, jumped out at me.

The cloud of uncertainty is the reason why a source said the Packers had been trying to acquire a defensive tackle in trade talks involving Brett Favre.

The two teams we’re talking to now — or at least the two teams we know we’re talking to — are not necessarily good candidates.  The Jet’s play a 3-4 defense and just acquired Kris Jenkins to fill the middle.  Bucs have Chris Hovan, among others, who is regularly in the running for Tool-of-the-Year award in the NFL.


5 Responses to “Defensive Tackle for Favre?”

  1. Bill Walsh Says:

    Hovan’s always been incredibly overrated. I hope they wouldn’t consider him value in return for Favre.

    Come on, Pack, grab the reins. If Favre is reporting, you have to consider letting him play. The win-now window is just too narrow.

  2. BratsNBeerGuy Says:

    More like Tool of the Century. I wouldn’t trade two pennies and an old sneaker for Hovan.

  3. Mac G Says:

    I agree Bill Walsh. Favre is as vital to the success of McCarthy/Ted Thompson than anyone. Favre shares the majority of the blame for this situation that he created for himself. I guess he thought one of the best QBs of all time, coming off one of his best seasons would be welcomed back no matter what to an NFL franchise that he helped come back from the dead.

    It appears he was wrong and they see him as a backup now. I am tired of the finger pointing and if Favre wants to play for the Packers, put him under center. Sometimes I think Thompson would rather lose with Rodgers than win with Favre. This seems like an asinine statement but

  4. Mac G Says:

    I expect anything from this ego battle between Favre and TT.

  5. PackerBelle Says:

    Why should they let Favre back? He hasn’t been following his normal off-season program, which is one reason he had success last year, he doesn’t seem fully committed to playing for anyone this season much less the Packers, and gaining Favre for one year will mean we lose the guy we’ve groomed to take over for three years. It doesn’t seem worth it – especially since most reports say the younger players prefer Rodgers because he is less distant than Favre and letting Favre come back would cause dissension in the locker room, destroy the whole idea of no one is above the team and hurt the Pack in the QB situation in the very near future.

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