Bucs Obviously Interested in Favre


That’s the only conclusion to reach from Jon Gruden’s comments to various newspapers today.  Hilarious.

“I’m never going to be a guy who puts his foot down and says we’re going to do this. But as I sit here today, Jeff Garcia is our quarterback,” Gruden said. “I don’t know what Green Bay is doing; I don’t know what Brett Favre is doing and my cell phone proves that.

“You’re talking about one of the great quarterbacks, and last time I checked he was a Green Bay Packer. And he probably will be to the end of his career.’’

Translation: I’m very interested in Brett Favre.  “As I sit here today, Jeff Garcia is our quarterback.”  Yeah, but as he sits there the day they sign Favre the Brett Favre is their quarterback.  “The last time I checked he was a  Green Bay Packer.”  Of course.  Favre is techically a Packer but he won’t be once the Bucs sign him.


“I don’t have anything to report other than we haven’t had any trade talks to my knowledge,” Gruden said.

“Brett Favre is under contract, my last understanding, with the Green Bay Packers. We’re excited about our quarterbacks. I don’t know how many quarterbacks we can use at this point.”

Bottom line: If the Bucs were not interested in Brett Favre there are dozens of way to say so.  Like: “We have no interest in Brett Favre.  It’s more likely that Troy Williamson catches 50 passes this year than that Favre is a Buc this year.”

Gruden didn’t say anything.


One Response to “Bucs Obviously Interested in Favre”

  1. Tony Says:

    “In other words, they’re playing scared.

    If Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy truly believe the Packers are a better team with Rodgers at quarterback, they should have the courage of their convictions. If they have as much confidence in Rodgers and their team as they say they do, they shouldn’t fear facing Favre in another uniform.

    The Packers could have defused this controversy and made this a much less messy divorce if they had given Favre his release soon after he asked for it. Had they exercised the kind of PR savvy that marked the Harlan administration, they would have released Favre and simply announced that they were doing so only to honor his request”

    From: Cliff Christl who is an award-winning sports reporter and columnist who had covered the Green Bay Packers since 1970 before retiring last year.

    Whole piece found at NFL.COM – Great read Titled:

    “Packers should come back to their senses by retiring their fears”


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