Bucs Deal Closer?


It shouldn’t be any surprise to NFL fans who have watched Jon Gruden over the year’s that the man has no poker face.  Whatever he is feeling at any given moment is written across his face for everyone to see.

He is also very bad at subterfuge and evasion.  The Tampa Tribune’s Roy Cummings writes about Gruden’s latest comments on a potential Brett Favre trade.

Bucs coach Jon Gruden didn’t do much to quell the ever-growing belief that his team is out to work a deal for retired Packers quarterback Brett Favre.

Though he claimed Friday to have no knowledge of either trade talks between the Bucs and Packers or an OK by the Packers for the team to talk directly to Favre, Gruden would not say unequivocally that the Bucs have no interest in trading for Favre. And he was given plenty of opportunity.

During an 18-minute news conference, Gruden was asked 14 questions about Favre. He even was asked directly why he would not say the Bucs have no interest in trading for Favre if in fact they don’t. His answer only served to fuel the speculation that Favre will soon be a Buc.

“You could come out and say that we don’t have interest in Favre, but I’m never going to be a guy who puts his foot down and says we’re going to do this,” Gruden said. “It’s not my No. 1 responsibility.

“As I sit here today, Jeff Garcia is our No. 1 quarterback, and I’m very excited about that.”

As I sit here today?  Seriously?

And in what seemed to some to be an admission of interest, he seemingly tried to justify any decision the Bucs might have made or might eventually make to acquire Favre.

“We used three quarterbacks in ’02,” Gruden said. “We had our quarterback injured here in ’04, in ’05 and in ’06. We lost Luke McCown during the offseason program that year, and we lost our quarterback in ’07.

“So, for all the people who think I’m crazy for trying to put together a real good nucleus, I’m sorry. But the bottom line is, we have really been snake bit at that position.”


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