Ryan Grant’s impending holdout – not good


Read here from Tom Silverstein over at jsonline re Grant talks not going well. It’s usually a bad sign when an agent, player or team chooses to go to the media and reveal what’s going on with the talks. If the agent is telling the truth, that they have put into the proposal lots of performance incentives, that seems to be fair for someone who has really only played 10 games in his career. If he continues to play at the level he did last year, I wouldn’t mind if incentives then resulted in him being paid handsomely (who came up with that expression by the way – I guess my job pays me uglily, as it were). What of course we don’t know, is what kinds of incentive maximums Grant/agent are proposing would be fair. It could be that they are asking for ridiculous LT-like pay for Grant.  It could also be that they are demanding a lot of money up-front, guaranteed.

As we said before, this situation is really hard to comment on without knowing the actual dollar figures being thrown around. But we can at least say both sides should be working hard to get this done. The one thing that is certain as far as I’m concerned is that Grant should not play for a $370,000 tender. He definitely deserves a fair, re-worked contract after the brilliant showing he had last year.


4 Responses to “Ryan Grant’s impending holdout – not good”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Let’s see, we rush through a contract extension on a good player still under contract and willing to wait until a later time. We have what is possibly the key offensive player negotiating now and our negotiator ( don’t remember his name) is playing hardball. I suggest either Thompson sets some priorities for him or maybe both Ted and the Negotiator can sign up for a emergency “Covey” course. “Keep the end in mind”. Take a look at the RB depth chart without Ryan Grant and do the math. Get him signed now.

  2. Aaron Says:

    What is Ryan Grant’s alternative? He could always go get a real job I guess. The Packers are holding all the cards here…

  3. Ron La Canne Says:

    Aaron, and they didn’t with Poppinga? Give me a break.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Um…Poppinga wasn’t threatening to hold out. Give ME a break… 😉

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