More Than Just a Phone Relationship?


“Hey Brett, what are you wearing?  You know, you’d look really good in purple.”

That was what Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress said to Brett Favre when the two men spoke during Favre’s retirement/unretirement musings this off-season.  Okay, not really, but Jason Wilde has a story today that suggests they might have had more than just a phone relationship.

Two NFL sources said Wednesday that, in addition to cell-phone records of calls between Favre and Minnesota coach Brad Childress and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, the club also claims Favre sent text messages back-and-forth with the two Vikings coaches.

If this is true, and if they in fact discussed the notion of Favre coming back as a Viking, then they are all idiots and the Vikings should be hit hard — hard — by the NFL.  Both coaches would have to be fired and, in my view, Favre would have to be suspended from the league.  Roger Goodell, the NFL commissioner who is apparently telling the Packers how to handle the Favre fiasco, would have very little credibility if he allowed a player to talk openly with another team about a trade/comeback.  And having coaches from another team try to persuade an opposing player — even if retired — into coming back is intolerable.  If anything approaching this scenario is in fact what happened, Goodell had better bring the house down on Minnesota.

But there’s reason for skepticism.  For one thing, Goodell is urging the Packers to resolve this situation quickly and the Packers have apparently made clear that they want to trade Favre.  It’s hard to imagine Goodell pushing the Packers to move on this — and to trade Favre — if there was any chance he faces punishment by the league for bad dealing with the Vikings.  And for another, as Wilde’s story makes clear, it’s no certainty that the Packers or the NFL would be able to learn what, precisely, was discussed in those text conversations unless they got their hands on the actual phones used to communicate and those text messages had been saved.

Still, if frequent communication in an of itself would not hold up in court as evidence of cheating, it’s a pretty good indication something untoward was happening.  And it probably wasn’t phone sex.


6 Responses to “More Than Just a Phone Relationship?”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    One thing missing from all the stories is the choronology of calls made between Childress, Bevell, and Favre. Also, just how many calls were made? With just that information, a compelling circumstanial case can be made for tampering. If there where no calls before his retirement, why then were there many calls after his retirement? I’m pretty sure Bevell and Childress aren’t included in Favre family barbacues so the conversations are at least, quizical.

    “Let’s put it this way, I look forward to the opening game in Green Bay.” — Zygi Wilf — Owner, Minnesota Vikings

    Is that statement an admission of guilt? Sounds like it to me.

  2. CharlesMartinGraduates Says:

    For the same reason Goodell stuck his nose in this issue, I can’t him coming down hard on the Queens. He is all about saving face. Firing the coaches would achieve the exact opposite effect of what he desires – a clean outcome for the NFL.

    That being said…it’s pretty interesting to note that two former prominent Badgers are twisting a knife in the back of the state that supported them so fervently not too long ago.

  3. PackerBelle Says:

    What I wonder is if Goodell is trying to accelerate this because the evidence is so overwhelming against the Vikings. If he can get Favre traded and the whole thing resolved before the league announces any disciplinary action against the Vikings then the whole tampering thing becomes more of a footnote than big news. Yes the Vikings broke the rules but Favre didn’t end up there so it’s not a big deal.

    However, if Favre decides to stay retired because he can’t go to the Vikings then the whole tampering thing becomes much bigger because apparently the tampering thing was the ONLY reason Favre decided to come back then all of a sudden it is a much bigger scandal because the Vikings are single handedly responsible for creating this mess and people keep talking about it.

  4. Aaron Says:


    You are spot on, as usual.

  5. MC Says:

    Here’s something to contemplate before Brett re-retires later this week (or is traded to Tampa Bay):

    What’s to stop Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles from acquiring Favre and subsequently trading the Freezing Old Man to Reid’s pal Childress in Minnesota?

    I think a commenter on PFT may have floated out this scenario already, but it’s another conspiracy-filled nugget worthy chewing on.

  6. Aaron Says:

    No doubt the Packers would add some type of provision/escalator into the trade that if Favre was traded again, esp to the Vikings, the Packers would receive additional compensation (ie the Eagles’ next 5 first round picks)

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