Packergeeks Road Trip to Augusta?


Seriously. This would be fantastic. The August Green Jackets, a minor baseball team, are paying tribute to Brett Favre and the Retirement Chronicles on August 4th. The first 100 fans through the gate that day will receive a pair of flip-flops and the team is going to retire the No. 4 at the game and then unretire it the next day. Also, anyone who comes to the August 3rd game can re-use their ticket on August 4th. As Green Jackets GM Nick Brown explains: “Just because your game is over, does not mean your game is over.”

There’s more, and here’s where there is incentive to drive the ten hours from Washington, DC, to Augusta. Anyone wearing a cheesehead will get a free brat and there are specials on Pabst all night long. And fans who come to the stadium wearing a Brett Favre jersey will get a free ticket upgrade to box seats.

More here.

UPDATE: this is brother Andy chiming in – when I first read the post title here, I have to admit, I thought maybe Brother Steve had worked some magic to get us on the coveted Augusta National golf course. While disappointed that that is not what the post was really about, I have to say, attending this game sounds like a heck of a lot of fun!


One Response to “Packergeeks Road Trip to Augusta?”

  1. Holly Says:

    Always nice to see other District Packer fans…can’t believe I didn’t know that already.

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