Mariucci: Favre Would Play for Bears, Vikes


In an appearance on NFL Network last night, Brett Favre’s close friend Steve Mariucci said that if Favre were forced by the Packers to make a “business decision,” the quarterback would have no problem playing for either the Minnesota Vikings or the Chicago Bears.  That’s not necessarily a surprise — given Jason Wilde’s report that Favre’s agent contacted the Vikings to gauge their interest in Favre and that Favre has asked for an unconditional release — but given their close relationship, I don’t think Mariucci is guessing here.  (Mariucci also held out some hope that Favre and Ted Thompson could work out their differences and that Favre would end up starting for the Packers on September 8.)


One Response to “Mariucci: Favre Would Play for Bears, Vikes”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    I can see Minnesota given Bevell’s presence and the fact that if they had a good QB they would be very scary. But Chicago? Does Brett not remember the last game he played in Chicago?

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