Ryan Grant re Favre/Rodgers on Mike and Mike


This morning on Mike and Mike in the morning, ESPN radio, Ryan Grant spoke a bit re the QB issue in Green Bay. While he appropriately steered clear of taking shots at anyone, one theme I sensed from his comments was that teammates appear to have some sympathy for Rodgers here and that Grant (and he implied others) believe Rodgers has handled all of this very well. If Rodgers can maintain his cool re all of this (though certainly his comments before the Favre comeback story took over were a little concerning), I think it will bode well for team chemistry if he indeed ends up being the starter in 2008. While there are likely some players (likely veterans) who may identify with Favre here and feel like he’s been poorly treated (former Packer Leroy Butler is one), my guess is that ultimately, if Rodgers steps in as the guy, the team will pick up where it left off prior to all of this, by rallying around him.

Because I didn’t catch the whole Ryan Grant interview though, I’m not sure if they talked about his contract situation. If not, it’s probably because we all know what he would have said anyway “they are working on it and I’m confident we can reach an agreement. I want to play for the Packers and I’m letting my agent work on that”. Anyway, there is one week before training camp and Grant and 9 draftees have not signed yet. Let’s get this done Grant/team…


3 Responses to “Ryan Grant re Favre/Rodgers on Mike and Mike”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Can someone help me? Has there ever been a season when the team reported to training camp with 9 Draftees unsigned? Is Thompson still alive? Apparently, Ted’s goal is to go into the season with money available under the “Cap” equal to or greater than the total team salary for 2008. If this guy has a plan I sure haven’t figured it out.

    It’s bad enough that his monumental ego allowed the Favre issue to get to this point. Now he seems uninterested in signing any of the guys he was so excited about on Draft Day. Somebody please remind him that Camp opens Sunday.

  2. Aaron Says:

    Please. They are the last team to report this year. Everyone will be signed on time…

  3. Tom Kapocius Says:

    hey Ronnie — ease up with the ignorant TT rant. The draft pick situation isn’t unique and anything to worry about until the end of the week. Relax and go pleasure yourself to the BF poster in your bedroom.

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