Jeremy Shockey to Saints, Jason Taylor to Skins


Jeremy Shockey was just traded by the Giants to the Saints for a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick in 2009. The Giants unload a player they had come to view as a problem (Eli flourished in the offense once Shockey broke his leg – Packergeeks in fact contended back then that the Giants should trade Shockey considering he’d still have value). Good trade probably for both teams, provided Shockey stays in line in New Orleans. Adding him could really make that offense scary with Brees, Bush (who will have a big year this year), McAllister and those decent young WRs.

But the Jason Taylor trade (also for a 2nd and 5th round picks) could have more of an impact on the Packers. Peter King argues in his article today that this trade could set the market for a potential Brett Favre trade – noting that because the Dolphins got rid of a Pro Bowl veteran likely with a couple years left for 2nd/5th round picks, the Packer could probably do about the same for Favre. It’s hard to assess Favre’s value at this stage, but King’s argument appears reasonable to me. King also seems intent on predicting that Favre, should a trade really become the option, will end up with Tampa.

Too bad Taylor is no longer available. He would have been a good Packer. Oh well, time to move forward now – stay tuned…


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