Reinstatement Request Coming or Not?


Although ESPN and other reported that Bus Cook said that Brett Favre is in no hurry to ask for reinstatement, Favre’s official website links to a Pete Dougherty article suggesting the request will come “sooner rather than later.”

Brett Favre is ready to make the next move in his face down with the Green Bay Packers and petition NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstatement to the team’s roster, which would leave the next move in the Packers’ hands.

Though Favre hasn’t filed his official retirement papers with the league, he is on the Packers’ reserve/retired list, and by NFL rules, has to ask the commissioner in writing for reinstatement to the team.

A source close to Favre said he is going to petition the league, and though he didn’t say when, the assumption is it will be sooner rather than later so Favre can be traded to a new team before training camp.

“He’s going to write the letter to the commissioner,” the source said. “We’ll see what happens from there, I guess.”

What’s he going to do?  Who knows?  But the story selection on his website has thus far been a good place to gauge his views on this entire matter, including a link to an anti-Ted Thompson piece days before Favre unloaded on the Packers GM on national television.


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