Is Brett Favre Making Stuff Up?


Greta Van Susteren introduced the third part of her interview with Brett Favre by posing this question: Was Brett Favre ever lied to by Packer management?

From the accusations Favre makes in the portions of the interview that follow, viewers can’t help but come away with the strong impression that the answer is yes. But Packergeeks reader “Donald’s Designated Driver” looks at the history and suggests that Favre, not Thompson, is the real liar. It’s a fantastic catch.

The plot thickens. Favre is a very bad liar. In part three of the interview Favre essentially accuses Thompson of “tricking” him into coming back in 2005 by falsely promising to resign Rivera and/or Wahle.

As Favre tells it, Thompson agreed to resign at least one of those guys and in reliance, Favre announced that he was returning for the 2005 season. Then, according to Favre, “the next day” Wahle and Rivera signed with other teams. [The actual quote is “the following day.” Ed.]

The problem with Favre’s tale is that it is easily fact checked. Rivera and Wahle signed with other teams on March 3, 2005.

Favre announced that he was coming back a week later.

How does Favre explain this? I suppose it’s possible that Favre told Thompson he’d come back on March 2nd, Wahle and Rivera signed elsewhere “the following day,” and Favre decided to come back anyway and make the announcement a week later. But Triple-D is right. In the interview, Favre made is sound as if his return was in some way conditional on the return of at least one of his lineman and that Thompson dishonestly tricked him into coming back. Occam’s Razor suggest Favre is simply lying.

Sadly, this fits a pattern, as we’ve pointed out here and here. Favre has been caught shading the truth or flat-out lying nearly a dozen times. The worst concerns what he told Peter King just days after telling the Packers he wanted to come back and then changing his mind again. He said a comeback was “the last thing I’m thinking about.” He added: “I’m happy about my decision and I haven’t once said, ‘I wonder if I made the wrong decision.’ I know it’s the right one.” That is breathtaking dishonesty. I wonder what Peter King thinks of Favre now. If I had a source lie to me that way I would never trust the source again and I would probably devote an entire article to detailing the dishonesty.

You could argue that the lie he told King was, in a sense, a harmless lie — one told to keep the media at bay, to save the Packers from a deluge of press inquiries. But this lie about Ted Thompson, if that is indeed what it is, is borderline slander. And it was meant, very obviously, to damage Thompson’s credibility and reputation.

So was Favre lying? He should explain himself. And if he can’t, he is a disgrace.


3 Responses to “Is Brett Favre Making Stuff Up?”

  1. Joe Says:

    If the shoe fits …Man this all sucks.

  2. Andrew Says:

    He needs to just stay retired:

  3. todd Says:

    Favre did not link his decision to return to the resigning of the 2 guards. Favre only said that TT did not take his advice.

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