Packers file tampering charges against Vikes


Watch this video clip from Apparently the Vikes have had illegal contact with Favre.

STEVE ADDS: Here is more from Don Walker at JS Online.  An excerpt:

The source added that the Packers feel the case against the Vikings is strong.

Allegations of tampering are touchy subjects among professional sports franchises and the penalties can include the loss of draft choices and/or fines.

The fact that the alleged contact involved Favre, who is in a bitter dispute with the Packers, who still hold his rights, makes the case particularly sensitive. Additionally, the fact that the case involves the Vikings, a big rival in the NFC North, is sure to fuel animosity between the two franchises.

Jay Glazer, who broke the story (shock!), reports:

The Vikings were informed late last week that the allegation is that Favre has had inappropriate dialogue with Minnesota offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, a close Favre friend and former assistant coach with the Packers. Favre has sought his release from Green Bay and several rumors have swirled that Minnesota is his targeted landing place, largely due to his relationship with Bevell.

League sources say the Vikings vehemently denied any wrongdoing and are awaiting the league’s next step in the process. The Packers, meanwhile, have supplied the league with their version of wrongdoing.

3 Responses to “Packers file tampering charges against Vikes”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    Makes me wonder if this has anything to do with Favre being in no hurry to apply for reinstatement.

  2. rockbear Says:

    Doesn’t anyone care that there’s a pennant race towards a real championship going on? Forget that it’s an election year. Good luck with any US Bank Championship coverage. It almost makes me wish hockey was still around.
    “Favre Follies” should only be aired in the mornings along with the other soaps. This one could last longer than perennial favorite: “As the Stomach Churns.”
    Put me out of my misery; I’m going to the State Fair and watch the pig races.

  3. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    The interesting part of this story is the statement that the “Vikings were informed **late last week**” part. It will be interesting to see how the timing of this plays out.

    Keep in mind that he did not officially announce his intentions until last Friday. In other words, these discussions went down while Favre was still in the “its all rumors stage.”

    In addition, Favre and the Packers had the infamous teleconference on Tuesday of last week. Unless these discussion took place on Wednesday or Thursday, and Packers somehow immediately caught wind of it, its possible that Favre was having this (alleged) conversations even before he officially asked the Packers to take him back.

    Which, if true, would mean that all of the “I only wanted to play with the Packers but they wouldn’t have me” stuff is a load of bull.

    Another interesting aspect (there is so much intrigue to this story) is the “protect Favre’s legacy” angle. The first time I read that, I interpretted it to be a threat—i.e. let’s do this quietly because if you force us to be forthcoming about all the facts you will not come out looking like a good guy.

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