Favre to delay reinstatement?


According to this article by Chris Mortenson, it appears as though Favre and Bus Cook are in no hurry to apply for reinstatement. This, despite Favre saying to Greta that he does feel like his time is limited here re the opportunity to connect with another team. Also, read up on the discussion Favre apparently had with James Campen. I don’t like that he was thrown under the bus here, though if he and Favre are close, I’m not surprised Campen might offer the advice he did (namely that Favre should force the Packers hand because eventually the team will feel like it has no choice but to take him back).

One of the “solutions” I’m writing about for an upcoming post is the inaction = decision solution. This means that neither side does anything until it sort of becomes too late, then Favre just stays retired and the whole thing quiets down. Based on this article by Mort, I wonder if that may be how this plays out.

Of note though in this article is McCarthy getting worked up about the Favre camp putting Campen in a tight spot. I don’t blame MM. The comments by McCarthy and some of the many other comments by Favre, TT and others, point to a growing gap between the two parties. At some point, if both sides keep spreading the hate, I don’t think Favre playing for the team again will even be possible. I really hope this reverses, but it seems doubtful.


3 Responses to “Favre to delay reinstatement?”

  1. PackerBelle Says:

    Nice to see he’s so committed to playing. /sarcasm

  2. Aaron Says:

    I’m not so sure about that MM Campen quote.


  3. Favre Blinks? This Could Be The End » Brats & Beer Says:

    […] just a bunch of smoke and mirrors to throw everybody off their game, but it could also be — as noted by packergeeks — that we’re approaching the end game. Favre doesn’t want to be traded and he […]

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