What Are Packers Doing Now?


As the Brett Favre drama unfolds in public it’s worth wondering what, if anything, is happening behind the scenes?  Ted Thompson often gives the impression that he is a somewhat passive GM.  His philosophy on free agency is to wait and see what’s available.  When he’s interviewed about draft-day trades, he only talks about receiving inquiries — he calls it “fishing” — never about making them.

Other NFL teams have started leaking that they are not interested in Favre — Carolina and Baltimore, so far.  Some of this is probably subterfuge.  If Carolina was thinking about replacing Jake Delhomme with Favre this year (that offense would be scary good with Favre), they would not likely acknowledge those efforts for fear of pissing off Delhomme and otherwise unsettling the team.  Baltimore doesn’t really have that problem — who are they going to upset, Kyle Boller?  Tampa might actually be able to use the Favre possibility, as Jeff Garcia has been complaining about his contract all off-season and the prospective acquisition of Favre certainly hurts his leverage.

So is Ted Thompson actively calling other teams to gauge interest?  I think we have to assume that he is.  And Favre said that the Packers have asked him for a list of teams that interest him.


4 Responses to “What Are Packers Doing Now?”

  1. MC Says:

    I’ve got to think that Washington is a wild card here. The idea of Favre handing off to Clinton Portis and hitting Chris Cooley repeatedly in the end zone holds promise.

  2. sfhayes Says:

    True, but listening to interviews with Vinny Cerrato, the Redskins’ GM, makes me believe that they have decided to abandon the big-spending, big-splash ways of the past. But with Al Saunders and his complicated playbook gone and Jim Zorn bringing a west-coast offense to Washington, the transition would not be terribly difficult.

  3. Donald's Designated Driver Says:

    Here’s an admittedly off-the-wall idea that will never happen. Let me preface this by saying that I love Donald Driver to death. He is hands down my favorite current Packer.

    That out of the way. Whattabout trying to move Favre and Driver as a package? The question being what would that be worth to a team? Favre and his favorite target for one maybe two seasons? Is a first and a second out of the question? I would think they would be worth more as a package than apart.

    With the understanding that this would never actually happen, what do people think Favre+Driver would be worth? Just curious.

  4. sfhayes Says:

    Can’t believe DDD would sell out his employer that way. Sheesh, what are we coming to?

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