Packers Ask Favre For List of Potential Trade Partners


If that’s been reported before, I’ve missed it.  But it’s buried here in this AP story about Brett Favre’s interview with Greta Van Susteren.  The story doesn’t say whether Favre provided one, only that he reiterated his request — demand? — for an unconditional release.

I’m very much struck by the excerpt posted below, in which Favre accuses the Packers of being dishonest.  That’s a significant charge and one he had better back up with some evidence.  I think the Packers can fairly be accused of being short-sighted and, in the case of Thompson’s rude response to Favre’s text message, discourteous.  But what have the Packers mischaracterized or misrepresented?  We can now name nearly a dozen instances in which Favre appears to have been dishonest — or at least less than straightforward.

It’ll be interesting to see if he names one such instance in which that’s true of the Packers.


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    […] I think we have to assume that he is.  And Favre said that the Packers have asked him for a list of teams that interest […]

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