First Thoughts on Favre Interview


Interesting interview, so far.  I like Greta Van Susteren, but it should now be clear to everyone why Brett Favre chose to give this interview to her.

Onto the substance.  The big news out of the interview, in my view, is that Favre is now accusing the Packers of dealing with him dishonestly.  He claimed, directly and without qualification, that Mike McCarthy told him “playing here is not an option.”  The dishonesty, we can infer, comes from the fact that McCarthy and Ted Thompson are saying publicly that they would welcome Favre back, just not as a starter.

I don’t know who to believe.  Favre has a serious credibility problem (which I’ll explore further in a subsequent post).  But the Packers line on this whole thing is odd.  It is stupid to pretend that Favre is going to come back as anything but the starter and the more they do it, the more they look like they are playing cute.

My guess is that they’re doing it to increase his trade value.  It’s hard to bargain with teams if they know that Packers don’t want Favre and/or have no intention of having him on the active roster.  I understand the reasoning.  But do the Packers think anyone else believes that having Favre as a backup is real possibility?

The accusation of dishonesty makes any kind of rapprochement even more unlikely than it was yesterday.  I think it forces the Packers — and Mike McCarthy, specifically, to answer the charge.  Did McCarthy tell Favre that playing in Green Bay is “not an option?”

I’ve got several more thoughts, but thought I’d post this quickly.  Comments welcome.


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