Favre was pressured into decision (Greta says)


Read here from jsonline’s Don Walker re how Favre tells Greta in tonight’s interview that he felt pressure to make the decision on retirement. Several interesting things from this blip:

  • why did he choose to share his side through Greta, non-sports-journalist Van eorthshf;aweth;, instead of say, Packergeeks? (Because she is a huge Packer fan, a national journalist and knew she might conduct the interview in a favorable way?)
  • if Favre felt pressured because the team wanted a decision before the draft, I’m not sure I can fault the team there. That would make sense, especially considering there was obviously a real possibility we’d be without him for 2008.
  • sounds like the guy just wants to play (and I believe this – I think he’s smart enough that he wouldn’t go through all of this trouble unless he was determined to make this happen).

We’ll be watching this interview tonight and bringing analysis to you asap.


2 Responses to “Favre was pressured into decision (Greta says)”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Both Bret and Thompson are acting like fools. Bret wants to play, he doesn’t like Thompson or Mc Carthy, and he will not sit on the bench. Thompson is convinced Bret is done as a starter. Ok, so what? Sit down with Bret find a team that is mutually acceptable and trade him.

    Be honest with each other and move on. The Green Bay Packers are a legendary team and niether Thompson or Favre, for that mater, are thinking about the fans or the team. Thompson has a right to believe Dret is not the QB for the team anymore. Just say it! Bret has a right to continue playing and not as a backup. Just say it! Quit the bickering it is Stupid.

    It will be obvious who was right about 6 or 7 games into the season. I have been a GB Packer fan since my Dad took me to see the Packers play the LA Rams play the Packers at Marquette Stadium. I’ve seen the best years and the worst years. Can you say Lisle Blackbourn or Scooter Mc Clain? Never in all those years did bickering between two hard-headed individuals get in the way of the team. Let’s get this crap over with and see who was right.

  2. Free Brett Favre Says:

    Show your support for Brett Favre at Free-Favre.com

    Sign the online petition

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