Favre Accuses Packers of Dishonesty


Is Brett Favre serious?  According to this quote from his Fox News Channel appearance tonight, Favre accuses the Green Bay Packers of making stuff up about his situation.

Them moving on does not bother me. It doesn’t. I totally understand that. By me retiring March 3rd I knew that could possibly happen. All I was saying is you know I’m thinking about playing again. The ‘itch’ has been used. That is the word that has been used if you want to say itch, or the fire is coming back, or whatever. If I’m going to play it’s going to be 100% commitment…. And so if you move on, you tell me one thing, don’t come back and tell the public,… just say it. ‘You know, we’ve moved on and we’ll work with Brett on whatever it is.’ Don’t make up a lot of stuff or give half of the truth.

So what, exactly, did they make up?  I hope he’ll give details tonight.  But I must say he does not come to the claim with a ton of credibility.  Nearly a dozen times since this whole began Favre has said things that are demonstrably false or, at the very least, contradicted by sources that don’t have the credibility problems he is creating for himself.  I look at some here. Aaron from Cheesehead.tv expands on the subject here.  And Foxsports.com’s Mark Kriegel discusses Favre’s credibility here.  An excerpt:

Rather, what so disappoints about this latest episode is the sense that Favre — of all people — has been less than honest with himself and legions who believed in him. Worse still, there’s something disingenuous, even sneaky, about the way this story has played out.

He changed his mind? He’s allowed, I guess. He’s human. But after a goodbye like the one issued in March, if he has something to say, he should say it.

Instead, he takes a pass while friends and family fuel the rumors he has long complained about.

In April, the Los Angeles Times reported that his agent was trying to gauge teams’ interest. “Absolutely false,” said the agent.

Then, last week, came reports saying that Favre had an “itch” to return.

“It’s all rumor,” said the retired quarterback.

Rumor, really? Subsequent statements by his mother, his brother and Packers cornerback Al Harris told you otherwise.

Then there were stories of Favre texting Green Bay general manager Ted Thompson. More rumors, of course.

Now, Favre has asked for a release from the team.

“There’s only one way for me to play the game, and that’s 100 percent,” he said, referring to the rigors of film study and practice. “… if I cannot do those things 100 percent, then I can’t play.”

He didn’t want to do it back in March, but now he does? Why should the Packers, or any other team, believe him? Because he said so?

Ouch.  We’ll have more after the interview tonight.


2 Responses to “Favre Accuses Packers of Dishonesty”

  1. Ron La Canne Says:

    Thompson has just bet his career as GB’s GM. When Bret is traded (and that’s inevitable at this point), he better hope Rogers has the physical endurance that will get him through the season and Bret doesn’t lead a team like Tampa Bay to the playoffs. Let’s face it, in two playing opportunites Rogers failed to answer the bell for the second round.

    The only motivation here should be who will get the Packers the furtherest this season. The choice, a journeyman QB who has never failed to be there when he was needed and a potentially fragile “China Doll”. Nothing against Rogers but just what has he done to earn the starting job?

    And most important, can you just imagine the pressure that will be on Rogers in each and every game. Favre fans, and there are many, will boo him off the field if he he faulters in any way.

  2. Aaron Says:

    “The only motivation here should be who will get the Packers the furtherest this season.” – Completely incorrect. Thompson’s job is not to sell out for a championship in one season, but to maintain the roster for the foreseeable future with the goal of winning a championship.

    I think what everyone is missing here is the fact that Thompson is obviously sold on Rodgers. Why is that so crazy? It’s no crazier than Ron Wolf trading a first round pick for a third stringer no one had ever heard of…

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