Johnny Jolly in hot water…felony drug charge


Where did the expression “in hot water” come from and why? Most of us shower daily using hot water, take hot tubs…should the expression be “in scalding water”?

Thanks to Aaron over at as well as jsonline this morning for informing us that DT Johnny Jolly was arrested last week on felony drug possession charges. He apparently had in his possession 200 grams of codeine. Not sure where this is all headed, but it is, at the least, concerning. (Bail was set at only $10,000 so I sense this may not be that big of a deal, but who knows).

I think both myself and the Packers had fairly significant plans for Jolly this year. I think he is really good and I think it’s no coincidence that our D-line play was less effective overall after is injury last year. For 2008, I had him starting next to Pickett with Jenkins and Kampman flanking. However, I go back and forth with whether or not Jenkins ought to start at defensive tackle. So, if there is a problem with Jolly being able to play at all, I would argue that it makes the need to pursue Jason Taylor even greater. As I’ve written previously, I think the Packers should seriously consider trading Favre (if they won’t let him return as the starter like I still believe they should) to Miami for Taylor. It makes sense and there have been some rumors suggesting Favre wouldn’t be opposed to playing down there (which almost makes me think he may be wanting to play for a couple more years – not just one).

Again, think about Kampman and Taylor rushing the edges – even if they don’t have a great season statistically/sack-wise, imagine the real and significant psychological effect it could have on the opposing QBs (and O-lines and RBs attempting to protect the QBs). Besides, I think obtaining a star like Taylor would significantly assist the Packers PR department re the handling of the Favre situation – and help many fans at least feel like we got something for the loss of Favre.


3 Responses to “Johnny Jolly in hot water…felony drug charge”

  1. Favrefan4ever Says:

    I agree there is now a bigger need to pursue Jason Taylor. But all the reports are involving the WRONG QB in the trade. Aaron Rodgers to Miami for JT and a condition pick make mores sense for all parties involved than trading Favre to them. If Brett wants to come back that bad, he should have no problem giving a 2 year commitment to the Pack, plenty of time to groom the true heir apparant, Brian Brohm. MM and TT still get their guy behind center, TT gets an extra pick, Brett gets to play, Dolphins finally get a replacement for Marino and a young QB to build with, Packer fans gets Brett back, the teams future QB plans secured, and most importantly, the best chance at a Super Bowl run.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Great comment FavreFan, I agree to some extent. However, I just don’t think TT would be willing to give up Rodgers as Rodgers is his guy. I think a lof this is happening in fact, because Rodgers is TT’s guy.

  3. Aaron Says:

    That is exactly why this is happening…

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