How About an Apology?


Remember this post from someone named Andy Erdman over at the Frozen Tundra blog? He lost his head when Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times reported on April 3 that Bus Cook was trying to gauge interest in a Favre comeback. Some flavor:

The Los Angeles Times editorial staff, for the second time this month, made complete idiots of themselves when they reported today that Brett Favre was quietly seeking a comeback with another NFL team…

The Favre article, written by a schmuck named Sam Farmer, claims that Favre’s agent and friend James “Bus” Cook has been talking to other teams and putting out feelers to gauge if there is any interest in acquiring the recently retired Favre.

Of course, Farmer cites no named sources, just the ever-ambiguous and wise “league sources.” Farmer’s league sources appear to have visited him during an acid trip as Cook flatly denied the claim when contacted, actually sounding shocked that such a notion could be thought to be true.

But the LA Times, even after talking to Cook, still went with the story (*pounding head against the wall*).

Besides these supposed league sources, what does Farmer base his report on? First, he says that Favre is angry that the Packers didn’t try harder to get Randy Moss – a story that’s so last month. Second, he says that since Favre has yet to file his retirement papers, it must indicate that he’s wavering on his decision – a view so moronic that I won’t even waste my time with it.

Simply put, Favre’s done. Coach Mike McCarthy said he talked to Favre a couple times last week and said that there’s no way Favre is coming back, that “he’s content with his decision,” according to…

Farmer should be ashamed of himself for this shoddy reporting. And the LA Times editors (again) should be ashamed of themselves for pushing the story through.

For those of you who visit the Frozen Tundra blog regularly, please let me know if you see an apology from Andy Erdman to Sam Farmer, who had the story right and had to suffer this kind of abuse for his good reporting. I went to the blog tonight and see that Erdman is still posting but I did not come across any apology. When he writes one, I’ll be happy to excerpt and link.

UPDATE: Here is Farmer on today’s developments.  Congrats on a great scoop.


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