Did Ted Thompson just open door to Favre’s return?


Read this excerpt from an ESPN article updated late 7/12 here, re the Favre situation:

Speaking later to ESPN.com’s John Clayton, Thompson said he is prepared to accept Favre’s return and not necessarily as a backup.

And McCarthy added Favre wouldn’t coach. So, if this doesn’t mean he’d have a chance to start at QB, does TT have thoughts of converting Favre to safety? LB? TE? What the ;aklsdfj;alsdjfoiqwhto does this mean? Is TT opening the door to Favre’s return?

In this article, I do appreciate at least reading that TT appears to be aware that this situation is sensitive, but I wonder how he could have thought that his terse text message response wouldn’t have been problematic.

Ugly, ugly, ugly, all around.


4 Responses to “Did Ted Thompson just open door to Favre’s return?”

  1. PackerJoe Says:

    OMG, you have to be kidding me! I’m sick to death of having my emotions jerked around like this. Damn you Favre!

  2. Aaron Says:

    Not sure if you guys have heard: Johnny Jolly was arrested last week on felony drug possession charges.


    It’s been a great summer…

  3. Mike Lukaszewicz Says:

    Hayes, Hayes, dudes.

    I think you guys rock and I think you’re “right on” except you haven’t acknowledged that AAron may potentially be the worst quarterback in the league this year. Pick the worst quarterback in the NFL last year and make a legitimate argument that AAron will be better. It’s difficult. Who was the worst? Alex Smith? Rex Grossman? Who can say Rodgers is better? I’m hopeful but I’m not sure. Maybe Rodger’s is better, but why? There’s nothing to go on. Rodgers has no experience except for one meaningless half vs. Dallas last year.

    Favre vs. Rodgers seems to be a matter of Apples vs. oranges or Apples vs. pink undeveloped oranges that have never become worthwhile and it’s, in my opinion, ridiculous to look into a basket of apples and oranges and pick a weirdly colored orange (easily bruised) over a perfectly ripe apple (even if that apple is bananas), when your team is good enough to go deep into the playoffs this year.

    Forgive and forget Favre’s crazitude,


  4. Maitri Says:

    If I were Aaron Rodgers and Favre comes back as starting QB, I’d quit. We don’t deserve this treatment from Brett and his fetid agent, but Aaron deserves it less. Then again, this presupposes that another team wants Aaron.

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