More Favre, Ted Thompson analysis from ESPN


Read here for an article by Gene Wojciechowski from He makes a similar case to the one I made a few posts ago (in fact, does Gene W read packergeeks???) – indicating TT has not wanted Favre back. I think this is well written and he makes a sensible argument (of course I think that…dumb sentence, please disregard). The only area of disagreement I have with him is when he implies that there will be a huge drop-off in play from Favre to Rodgers. As I’ve said before, I think Rodgers is going to be an effective NFL QB in a different way from Favre. But right now, I’d still rather have Favre as the QB for this team as I believe he gives us the best chance to win it all. And as Gene W argues, it is TT’s job to make sure the Packers, from a personnel standpoint, are fielding the best team. Though again, I suspect that part of what may be happening here is that TT genuinely believes Rodgers, right now, is better than Favre for this team. While I would disagree with this, a small part of me does recognize that TT has shown himself to be a solid evaluator of talent, so who knows, I suppose it’s possible TT ends up being right – and that Rodgers comes in and dominates.


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