Favre coming back? Favre has an “itch to play” again


Chris Mortensen is reporting on ESPN that Brett Favre has contacted the Packers to report an interest in possibly coming back.

If this is indeed true, I don’t see this situation ending well. I don’t think TT will take him back. In fact, I’m pretty sure TT didn’t really want him to come back anyway (I think this for many reasons, and yet another reason when I noticed in this Mortensen article that MM doesn’t say TT tried to convince Favre to come back, just MM and Tom Clements). I think if Favre really wants to play it may end up being somewhere else. That would be really sad to me. He was and is a Packer through and through.

If I were TT, the bottom line issue would be, who would help our team play better next year, Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre? While I’m fairly high on Rodgers and believe he may actually be quite good, I still think the answer to that question is Favre. I would likely welcome Favre back and if it meant Rodgers became disgruntled, I’d trade him.

But again, my gut reaction to this is that this may be a situation that doesn’t end well. Judging from the comments made by the “Packers source”, I worry Favre’s image and legacy may be tarnished a bit by any real effort to return because I’m not sure he could return to his Packers.


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