Kevin Jones rumors and RB talk


Read here for more on Kevin Jones rumors. The fact that Packer staff went to Detroit to watch a workout for Kevin Jones indicates one of two possibilities to me: that the Ryan Grant situation may not be as close to being resolved as we’ve recently been led to believe (one talk show recently said that Grant’s side recently submitted new proposal and are just waiting on it); or that TT and MM may not be feeling too comfortable with the overall RB situation presently.  Kevin Jones was actually a decent back for the Lions for a stretch there. But he is an injury waiting to happen and just had major knee surgery. I wouldn’t mind going after someone like Jones (though he is close to signing with Tampa apparently), if we could get him for next to nothing. But even though the Packers RB roster still does not impress me, I’m not sure Jones could make the team ahead of Wynn and Jackson.

I’ve heard some rumblings too re picking up Najeh Davenport – recently released from Pittsburgh. Najeh is a fairly solid player, but he failed to produce a whole lot when Willie Parker got hurt last year. If we could pick him up for a steep discount, I wouldn’t mind him being on the team again – but my guess is the Packers see Wynn filling the Najeh-big-back role for them this season. I also think Wynn has some shiftiness that Najeh doesn’t have, so I too would be inclined to give Wynn a really good shot this year.

And what about Shaun Alexander? How can a guy a couple years removed from an MVP season sit unaccounted for on the free agent market? Well, he sucks, that’s why. And, like I have been saying for years, he never was good. I could have run behind that line. He is smart and I would listen to arguments from people who say sign him for next to nothing to mentor Grant and offer situational help. Actually, I wouldn’t listen to that argument. He has the speed of Corey Dillon and he strikes me as the kind of guy who somehow remains cocky despite being so obviously rejected by the whole NFL.

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