Inbee Park – congrats…but…Inbee?


This past weekend, 19 year-old female golf phenom Inbee Park won the US Open at Interlachen in Minnesota. There are many reasons this was incredible, but to me, the most interesting part of this whole thing is her name. As we’ve done before, here is how I imagine her parents arriving at the name Inbee (note: I recognize Inbee Park is South Korean and Inbee has a different meaning in Korean…but still…):

  • Mom: Let’s go inside.
  • Dad: No, I’m watching the bees pollinate as I ponder names for our daughter.
  • Mom: I want to go in now.
  • Dad: No, bees…pollinating…interesting…like watching National Geographic
  • Mom: In, now.
  • Dad: Bees.
  • Mom: In.
  • Dad: Bees.
  • Mom: In…bees…in…bee…what about Inbee?
  • Dad: I love it!?!?

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