Even more Culpepper


At the risk of prolonging a raging debate between brother Steve and Aaron at Cheesehead TV that should have died by now, I have a quick point to make about this Culpepper thing.

I had written around the time of our pursuit of Culpepper that I didn’t necessarily think it was a bad idea. I thought he was a legit player who might not be a bad player to turn to if Rodgers were to get hurt. I still don’t think he’s as bad a player as Brother Steve seems to think nor do I think he would be able to divide what I see as a strongly bonded Packer locker room.

But I have changed my tune on the basic thought that we need a veteran back-up. I guess before I thought we should add a veteran because I hadn’t analyzed the idea of adding a veteran back-up enough. After thinking about it more though, I’ve determined that I just don’t think it’s important that a team has veteran back-ups. In most cases, there is a reason these guys aren’t starting and there’s a reason they’re available – a very good reason. Sure, a Trent Dilfer mentor-type guy can be helpful in some cases, but in our case, with this team, with the 2 QBs who were drafted and most importantly, with Mike McCarthy at the helm, I’ve become increasingly satisfied with our QB situation.

I disagree with the worry Steve and Aaron seem to have over a scenario that would have Brohm or Flynn having to step in during the season in a real game. There is something about the way McCarthy coaches that tells me these guys would be just fine filling in. One of the things that I think mysteriously got little to no credit last year after the Dallas game, was how clearly well-prepared Rodgers was to step in. Sure, Rodgers may in fact just be really good. But at the very least some of his success in that game HAS to be attributed to McCarthy. So going forward, I think it’s safe to assume Brohm and Flynn will both be very well prepared for actin. I can’t help but think Brohm will be groomed and prepared just as well as Culpepper would have been and given Brohm’s massive success in college, I’ve essentially convinced myself that Brohm may be as good a back-up option as just about anyone who was available at any point in the off-season (including Billy Volek). Further, I’ve never cared for the philosophy that says a rookie QB needs to sit for a few years. It’s about how they are prepared and I think we may have one of the best in the business at preparing QBs.

STEVE ADDS: Whenever you say Brohm is being “groomed” I picture him with his hair plastered against his head, parted on the side, probably fixed by a woman who licked her fingers to get it to go into place.

Bill Volek would have been the best backup QB option.  But he re-signed with San Diego a week before Brett Favre announced his retirement.  I don’t know that Ted Thompson would have been interested in Volek (Mike Sherman had been, proving the old adage that even a broken clock is right twice a day.)  But I think he would have been a great pickup.


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