What Does Culpepper Offer Tell Us?


Not much, I hope. I know I’m late to this, but what was Ted Thompson thinking offering Daunte Culpepper $1 million to mess with Aaron Rodger’s head and do that stupid-ass arm roll serve as a backup quarterback? If there were any questions that Culpepper is a head case and a moron, his decision to turn down a deal with a playoff-contending team should answer them.

We’ve engaged in a lot of Ted Thompson love over the past nine months and he’s deserved it. But man, what a bonehead move that would have been.


3 Responses to “What Does Culpepper Offer Tell Us?”

  1. Dave in Tucson Says:

    To be honest, the biggest downside I see to this deal is the that a lot of fans would have hated it had it gone through. (And, fron Thompson’s POV, that means he would’ve taken a disproportional amount of heat if & when DC played and lost a game). Given a strong team around him, he could probably still be a servicable backup.

    The second biggest problem is that (from what I can tell) DC still fancies himself a starter, and the offer was probably to compete for the 2nd/3rd string spot.


  2. Despite Emotion, Culpepper Makes Sense | Cheesehead TV Says:

    […] Andy is positively disgusted at the prospect of Dante Culpepper in a Packer uniform. And, to his mind, the fact that he turned down the Packer’s offer to be Aaron Rodgers’ back-up just proves what a “head-case and a moron” he is. Furthermore, Andy is mystified by Ted Thompson’s interest in Culpepper at all, saying the proposed signing would be a “bone-head move”. […]

  3. awhayes Says:

    Aaron – nice post over at Cheesehead. Quick correction though – Steve wrote the most recent Packergeek post on Culpepper. I actually was a bit more understanding of the pursuit of Culpepper. I thought he might not be a bad addition to the team as he has decent past stats and immense size, which make him more attractive than most of the other candidates.

    However, over the past month or so, I’ve cooled on this idea of signing Culpepper (I assure you, not due in any part to Steve’s argument!). Culpepper would essentially be starting from square one with the packers offense which is complicated. One thing he apparently struggled with during his stints in Miami and Oakland was picking up the offenses and accordingly reading defenses. The bottom line is, I’m not convinced his experience would give him much more of an edge especially w/re to learning our offense compared to Brohm or Flynn (both of whom apparently have solid talent).

    I wouldn’t be saddened if Rattay were brought in for a tryout as you’ve suggested – because I could see him serving as a mentor and guide to Rodgers. I have a hard time now seeing Culpepper in this role.

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