Javon Walker, Thug


When news broke that Javon Walker had been found unconscious on a Las Vegas street more than a week ago, I thought it best to reserve judgment.

Not any more.  The guy’s a thug.  He has been captured on video spraying champagne into the crowd at one night club and now the story he told to a website called “TheDirty.com” — yes, that’s where Walker gave his first post-incident statement — seems to be untrue.  Video captured on the night in question indicates that Walker was not taken forcibly to a car and then robbed, but that he walked voluntarily to the car in question.  More here.

He’s a whiner and a thug.  I’m glad we don’t have to put up with him any more.  How stupid is Al Davis to have signed him to a $55 million contract.  Good riddance.


One Response to “Javon Walker, Thug”

  1. Joe Says:

    Al Davis lost his mind a long time ago. There was a time when I respected his skill as a GM/owner but thought he was a dink. The skill is now gone – he’s just a dink.

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