Bedard’s source: Taylor not interested in Packers


Read here from Greg Bedard’s Saturday morning article at jsonline for info on why Jason Taylor may not want to be traded to Green Bay. Interesting, reading this changes my tune somewhat on going after the guy.

I have been outspoken re my interest in picking up Jason Taylor really since March of this year. I still feel like it makes sense for him and for the Packers, but if Bedard’s source is telling the truth, suddenly, I don’t think I want Taylor on the team. Maybe things might change with the proper courtship, but it seems unlikely according to Bedard’s source, that Taylor will consider being a Packer.

This is too bad. Not only could this development derail my previously hatched plan for defensive domination, but it also speaks ill of Taylor as a person. If indeed, a main reason for excluding Green Bay from his list is because it’s not a glamorous enough market, then I don’t want the guy on the team because he’s just being a divo (male diva…). But I also think it doesn’t make sense. Sure, maybe in a big market he could get some good cash for local advertising etc, but as Bedard points out, the Packers are a highly visible NFL franchise. Going to Green Bay won’t leave Taylor floating in a strange world of sudden obscurity. In fact, I’d argue that especially with Favre gone and a new QB, Taylor would suddenly be looked to as being part of the answer to the post-Favre era questions – which would bring him plenty of press. The Packers are still a relevant team nationally until we have another losing record. (I’m struggling to even make this argument though because when I argue that Taylor will have plenty of press and attention drawn to him if he comes to Green bay, this runs counter to the kind of player the Packer faithful embrace.)

So my message for Jason Taylor is this: listen, you’re a great player who still has tremendous talent. We’d love to have you in Green Bay, but only if you’ll have us. If not, frankly, we very much don’t want you here.

And one last thought: why would anyone…ANYONE…want to play in Philadelphia?


One Response to “Bedard’s source: Taylor not interested in Packers”

  1. MC Says:

    He’s old anyway. Youth is the mantra for this team.

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