More on Safeties


As if following up on Andy’s discussion of the safeties, Mike McCarthy addressed the position at some length in his press conference the other day:

(What kind of strides have you seen from Aaron Rouse?)
Aaron Rouse is having an excellent offseason. I’ll tell you, he is very instinctive. He is getting his hands on the ball. You can see the comfort level of Aaron as a second-year player. It’s kind of been the pattern around here for our young players, and I like that. It tells that the players are taking advantage of the program and the teaching. He is coming on. He is going to be someone that has a chance to maybe have an impact this year. I’m really pleased with him. I can’t say enough about the way he has picked it up and his production is something that stood out in his limited opportunities last year as a rookie, and he really has picked up on that.

(How much of an opportunity will he get to work with the first unit?)
There is competition throughout and that’s another position. I think Atari Bigby is really coming on strong. Nick Collins is as talented of a player that we have in our back end of the defensive perimeter. Charlie Peprah is another young man that just continues to improve, so that’s an excellent group. You’ll see Jarrett Bush at some point start working back there too. There is a lot of talent back there. The competition has definitely picked up, so time will answer that question.


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