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More on Brohm

May 9, 2008

Lori Nickel has a brief get-to-know-you chat with Brian Brohm, here.

Brohm on Brett Favre’s retirement:  “It would be cool, just growing up, huge fan, to be able to hang out with a Hall of Fame quarterback would have been pretty awesome.  But you know if he doesn’t retire, then maybe I don’t get drafted (by the Packers). So it’s kind of a double-edged sword there.”

Yesterday I heard Tim Hasselback on Sirius NFL Radio make an impassioned argument that the Packers should not have drafted Brohm, period.  I think Hasselback is very smart — one of the smartest football commentators out there — but his argument was preposterous.  More later.


Packers Sign Condrew Allen

May 7, 2008

More here.

His parents, like Jermichael Finley‘s, must have fought about his first name.



“No, Conner.”

“I said Andrew, dammit!”

“How about Andner?”

“That’s stupid.  Why not Condrew?”

“Perfect.  I love you.”

“Next time you feed, and I’ll water!”

Cheesehead TV – anti-Beaver

May 7, 2008

Read Cheesehead TV’s response to my recent post lobbying for the Packers to keep RB Justin Beaver on the roster. Fairly strong reaction I’d say to an innocent argument for keeping a hard-working, qualified, local, talented player on the team. I maintain that signing Beaver would have provided a bit of a lift for fans and the overall team – just like Donald Driver making the team got people pumped up a few years ago. (Of course, Aaron conveniently left out my Driver analogy which read: “Think about how excited we all were when we’d read stories about Donald Driver and how this 7th round pick might make the team. Then he made the team and elevated his game to Pro Bowl level. We love stories like that here and the timing of this story could help Packer Nation move forward”).

But I have other issues with Aaron’s response. I sense that Aaron believes the Packers are fine at the RB position. I don’t. We don’t have major talent back there (Grant excluded). Aaron, just because you predict that Jackson will “surprise” this season doesn’t make him a high-caliber player now – all he’s done so far is lose his starting job (last year). While I certainly hope Wynn, Jackson or Morency do emerge as legit players and I don’t feel any of these guys are awful, right now, the fact is, RB is still a position of need and adding Beaver would add needed competition and depth at RB.

Also, importantly, Aaron left out an important piece of my post – Beaver’s versatility. I wrote: “He is fast, very quick (”quick as a hiccup” according to McCarthy), very strong, young, hard-working, devoted – and he’s somewhat versatile in that he can return kicks and compete at RB.” Beaver could be a solid option as a return guy – bringing speed, quickness and also toughness to a position that needs it. He has an upside on special teams that Jackson, Wynn and Morency don’t seem to have. I think it’s a mistake not to give Beaver a chance and instead waste 13 roster spots on wide receivers (which essentially leaves 10 guys competing for 2 spots).

Anyway, bottom line is, we should still sign the guy and give him a chance. We may have just turned our back on the next Devin Hester or Steve Tasker or Travis Jervey.

Another Tryout Signing…

May 7, 2008

Per Greg Bedard it’s Kyle Ward, a cornerback from Louisiana-Lafayette.  Bedard writes:

Former Louisiana-Lafayette cornerback Kyle Ward is the second person to agree to a free-agent contract with the Packer since the rookie camp, according to the school.After transferring from Alcorn State where he ran track, Ward (6-1, 197) made only 15 tackles as a senior with the Rajun Cajuns because of injuries.

A website called had this to say: “Kyle Ward is a very fast cornerback. He has some upside potential and we like him a lot.”  Here is Ward’s bio at the UL-L website. is reporting that the Packers have signed a third tryout player, also a defensive back.

The Audacity of Pabst: Barack Obama, PBR Lover?

May 7, 2008

This passage comes to us from the “pool report” on Barack Obama’s trip to Raleigh, North Carolina, yesterday. A pool report is sort of a cheat sheet for reporters, a summary of events written by a reporter who was present for those who were not. This one was written by Michael Powell, a fantastic writer with the New York Times.

As Obama was campaigning, he stopped in a bar called The Raleigh Times, in a building that used to be occupied by a newspaper of the same name. Powell writes:

Obama found himself momentarily beerless. As the primary season
has semi-bizarrely centered of late on his eating and drinking (he
stands accused of doing too little of either), he moved quickly.
“Where’s my beer?” he asked, loud enough for the reporters to hear.
What’s your pleasure, Mr. Candidate? He eyed an array of mighty
fine micro brews on tap, from the loverly amber Maharaja IPA to the
“naturally cloudy” Blanche Bruxelles. He zeroed in on the mass market.
“PBR [Pabst Blue Ribbon for the uninitiated],” he said.
An Illinois man recently asked to be buried in a casket in the
shape of a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon, but I digress. Obama held up the
pint, said “Cheers!”, and quickly took a sip, then another, then
another. Having established he was a sport albeit not an inebriated one,
he set to working the crowd.

I don’t know whether to be impressed that the Democratic nominee for president chose Pabst over all of those fancy beers or to be depressed that he apparently didn’t finish his beer. (That’s the kind of thing that could lose an election in Wisconsin.)

But I do think it’s funny that Michael Powell, knowing his readers are from the national media, felt the need to translate “PBR” for them.

Who says the Washington press corps is out of touch?

First a Pabst casket, now a 12 year old’s Favre jersey

May 6, 2008

Are you dedicated?

Yesterday, we posted on a Chicago guy who demonstrated his strong affinity for Pabst beer by purchasing his casket (he’s only 57 years old!) – a giant, beautifully decorated Pabst can.

Today, we learned that 12 year old David Witthoft has accomplished the nearly impossible task of out-dedicating, if you will, many Packer fans by donning a Brett Favre jersey daily for the last 4+ years of his life (1581 days).

TT, just sign Beaver

May 6, 2008

Great comment here from loyal Packergeeks reader Joe:

“Just sign him. It is one spot out of 80. Take a chance and earn some good PR; the kid has some skills that justify a signing and the fans will eat it up (including me). This just makes good business sense and it ain’t bad football either.”

I couldn’t agree more. I really do think it would be a good PR/business move. Listen, a few months ago, Green Bay fans received the devastating news that Favre was calling it quits. Die-hard Packer fans, no matter how tough, are dealing with the emotional scars of seeing perhaps the most popular Packer ever, retire. While signing Justin Beaver won’t bring Favre back or heal Favre-retirement wounds, it might help infuse some extra excitement for the team at a time we could really use it. Think about how excited we all were when we’d read stories about Donald Driver and how this 7th round pick might make the team. Then he made the team and elevated his game to Pro Bowl level. We love stories like that here and the timing of this story could help Packer Nation move forward.

As far as a football move, as I wrote previously, I think it makes football sense to have a guy like Beaver not only on the 80-man roster, but on the 53-man roster. I know during training camp time, it can become the norm for sportswriters and bloggers to end up lobbying for a bunch of players like this with great stories to make the team, but this is one guy in whom I really believe. He is fast, very quick (“quick as a hiccup” according to McCarthy), very strong, young, hard-working, devoted – and he’s somewhat versatile in that he can return kicks and compete at RB. When I compare his obvious skills to someone like Noah Herron, I can’t help but think there is way more upside with someone like Beaver. I could understand NOT giving Beaver a shot if the backfield had other major talent besides Grant, but it doesn’t. And, while Tramon Williams and Will Blackmon both showed skills as return guys last year and Brett Swain or Jordy Nelson may yet prove to be good in this capacity, why not give a hard-working guy who would do anything for the team a chance to prove himself.

Still a Chance for Beaver?

May 6, 2008

WKOW reports that while Beaver was not offered a contract Monday, the Packers told him that he is still under consideration for the final roster spot.

We spoke with Justin late Monday afternoon and he says that the Packers informed him that they were signing 3 of the 19 players who were in camp on a tryout and that Beaver wasn’t one of those 3 players.

However, the Packers do still have one open roster spot and Beaver says that the Packers told him that he is still in the running for that spot.

Beaver’s agent Scott Smith had this to say, “The Packers are still assessing their roster size and position needs. They haven’t currently offered Justin a contract, but they were very impressed with his workout and he is certainly on their short list going forward. We will continue to assess Justin’s options with other teams while we wait for something to hopefully materialize with the Packers.”

Justin Beaver Won’t Be a Packer

May 5, 2008

Greg Bedard has the news.

The Packers have informed the representatives of former Wisconsin-Whitewater running back Justin Beaver that they will not be signing him to a contract.The Packers will sign three players. Former Arkansas defensive tackle Fred Bledsoe was told he would be one of those people, according to his agent.

That’s too bad.  His story was a good one and he seemed like a down-to-earth guy.  I hope he gets a shot with another team.

What? Was Marvin Harrison involved in a shooting?

May 5, 2008

Did anyone do a double/triple take upon stumbling across any number of sources (like this ESPN article), indicating Harrison may have been involved in a shooting. The reports note that Harrison had been in an argument with someone who came to his bar and shortly after that, that person was shot. Harrison’s agent denies the story, but the gun/bullets used were apparently traced back to Harrison. Nothing has been substantiated yet and it is presently under investigation, but…what???

I just don’t get this. Maybe I had him cast in the wrong kind of light for all these years, but I thought he was one of the NFL’s good guys. I really admired him as a player. He played hard and never seemed to harbor any sort of an attitude while playing. If there is indeed any truth to this – I’m totally shocked.

That said, I do plan to wait this one out for the real facts on the case before casting judgment on Harrison.