Packergeeks still wants Jason Taylor to be Packer


Back in March, we wrote this about some Jason Taylor-to-the-Packers rumors:

“Rumor #3) Jason Taylor. Now he’s a guy I wouldn’t mind picking up. We could move Jenkins inside (or bench him in favor of Jolly) with Pickett. Having Kampman and Taylor on the ends could be a fairly disruptive duo. He also would add a respected veteran presence which I am beginning to feel like the Packers need.”

I still believe this would be a good move. From what I’ve heard, the Dolphins are not trading him just yet because they’ve only been offered 4th round picks for him. While I would be reluctant to offer anything higher given he’ll only play 1 year, 2 max, I would think offering a 4th round pick and throwing in a marginal player (Noah Herron, Ruvell Martin, Jarrett Bush, Tyrone Culver, KGB or Michael Montgomery as examples) might suffice. At some point too, it will become foolish of the Dolphins to not accept some kind of offer if the alternative is essentially forcing his retirement.

Sure, Taylor may not be the player he once was and having dancing-related obligations as an excuse for missing camps (though again, they were voluntary camps) is definitely a concern. Still, he is 2 years removed from NFL Defensive Player of the Year and lining up opposite Kampman couldn’t possibly result in a poor Packer pass rush. Besides, I really think with Favre gone, some savvy veteran leadership could help keep this team going in a positive direction.

UPDATE: I’m with Andy on this one.  I was not in favor of trading anything significant to get Taylor before the draft.  Given the events of the past two weeks in Miami, it’s fair to conclude that the Dolphins want him out and quickly.  His value has to have gone down considerably since the draft, if only because the other teams thought to be most interested (the Jaguars, et. al) did not pull the trigger.  If we could get him for a third rounder and change, I’d be all for it.

On the KGB question (see comments), I think he’s well past his prime.  I don’t think we lose much by getting rid of him, even I like him as a character guy.

7 Responses to “Packergeeks still wants Jason Taylor to be Packer”

  1. Aaron Says:

    There’s no way the Dolphins would take a 4th rounder and a ‘marginal player’ – what kind of sense does that make? If we know they’re marginal, the Dolphins know it too. (Although, this IS the team that cut Donald Lee and signed David Martin – but this was before Parcells took over…) And to put KGB on that list is a mistake.

    All that said, I agree with the overall point – Taylor in a Packer uniform is an intriguing possibility, but I don’t see Thompson giving up anything more than a second day pick, which won’t move Taylor off the Dolphins’ roster.

  2. awhayes Says:


    My point is that eventually, if the Dolphins do not want Taylor on the team and don’t make a move, they may end up just losing Taylor and not getting anything for him. That seems wasteful. And some teams need marginal guys because they need bodies – the Dolphins aren’t nearly as deep as the Pack and picking up even average guys (or, at least guys who haven’t gotten much of a chance) from a really good team could prove helpful.

    Why not KGB?

  3. Aaron Says:

    Understood on the ‘marginal player’ point – just think Miami is placing way more value on Taylor than a 4th and Ruvell Martin. Now, a second and Martin might get it done. As for ‘just losing Taylor’ – how? By cutting him? Why would they do that? They can trade him or keep him – but I highly doubt they just flat out release him.

    As for KGB, he’s a pass rushing specialist who, though admittedly limited in certain areas, can still bring it on third and long. Yes, he wore down at the end of the year. He’s still too valuable to trade away…

  4. awhayes Says:

    Aaron – what I mean by lose Taylor is that I’m not sure that Sparano and Parcells will even want Taylor on the team this year so I’d be surprised if he ended up playing there. That would leave Taylor with the option of trying to force himself into their good graces or to retire. My guess is he’d choose the latter – then Miami would be out a possible draft pick that they could have picked up.

    As for KGB – I still like the guy and a solid case could be made for his veteran leadership/example setting etc. But I think he is minimally effective anymore (horrendous against the run) and some may take it a step further saying he is using up a potentially valuable roster spot.

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  6. lostinutah Says:

    Jason Taylor rocks. I hope the Pack can get him.

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