Here comes Rodgers


Greg Bedard’s article this morning at jsonline gives us a good look into the kind of leader Rodgers may be. Over the last couple of years, I’ll admit, I was definitely in the camp that said Favre can pretty much do whatever he wants, he’s older than everyone on the team, he deserves it, he’s given this team more than just about any Packer in history, etc etc. But a small part of me did wish that he were a bit more involved with the team off the field. Again, I don’t fault him for it. But reading this article does get me somewhat pumped for the Rodgers era. It is refreshing to hear that he values the “team” concept so much and that his regular gatherings are a way for the players to get to know one another better. Like any workplace, these kinds of events can really improve the morale of a team as well as the overall connectedness. Perhaps most importantly, getting to know teammates outside of work tends to ease communication while at work – so good for Rodgers, good leaders should step up like this.

I was interested to read Rodgers’ comments re him assuming he’s the starting QB as well as his established-veteran-like relationship with the other two QBs. I think this is a reflection of the confidence he has and how he projects that confidence. For the most part, I’m just fine with this. But I couldn’t help but wonder a bit if it might be a bit presumptuous for him to assume he’s the starting QB (even if TT, MM and all of Packer Nation is saying this). Maybe MM and TT have told him that unless he’s injured he will definitely be the guy – I don’t know that. But a part of me wonders what would happen should Brohm shine in camp and preseason, pick up the offense well and look better than Rodgers. Could it even be possible that for the first time in 17 years, we’d have a QB controversy in Green Bay??

I also wondered a bit re Rodgers’ comment re not being injury-prone. I know he hasn’t played enough for us to determine conclusively now that he is an injury-prone player. At the same time, I think it’s fair to say so far in his career his injury history is not good and that fans have some reason to be concerned re future injury issues.

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