Jamar Hornsby — Moron


This is a serious question. A young woman dies in a tragic motorcycle accident with one of your college football teammates. You somehow come into possession of her gas credit card. Can you imagine using it for six months, not paying the bills ($3,000), and thinking that you wouldn’t be caught? That’s allegedly what Jamar Hornsby did. He is — or was — a cornerback at the University of Florida.

How did he get into college? Seriously. What could this guy’s SAT scores have been?

Best line from the story comes from the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office spokesman, Stephen Maynard: “I would love to hear the explanation for utilizing the card of a deceased person.”

Me, too.

One Response to “Jamar Hornsby — Moron”

  1. lostinutah Says:

    I think your title explains what his explanation will be. Moron.

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