Still a Chance for Beaver?


WKOW reports that while Beaver was not offered a contract Monday, the Packers told him that he is still under consideration for the final roster spot.

We spoke with Justin late Monday afternoon and he says that the Packers informed him that they were signing 3 of the 19 players who were in camp on a tryout and that Beaver wasn’t one of those 3 players.

However, the Packers do still have one open roster spot and Beaver says that the Packers told him that he is still in the running for that spot.

Beaver’s agent Scott Smith had this to say, “The Packers are still assessing their roster size and position needs. They haven’t currently offered Justin a contract, but they were very impressed with his workout and he is certainly on their short list going forward. We will continue to assess Justin’s options with other teams while we wait for something to hopefully materialize with the Packers.”


One Response to “Still a Chance for Beaver?”

  1. Joe Says:

    Just sign him. It is one spot out of 80. Take a chance and earn some good PR; the kid has some skills that justify a signing and the fans will eat it up (including me). This just makes good business sense and it ain’t bad football either.

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