First a Pabst casket, now a 12 year old’s Favre jersey


Are you dedicated?

Yesterday, we posted on a Chicago guy who demonstrated his strong affinity for Pabst beer by purchasing his casket (he’s only 57 years old!) – a giant, beautifully decorated Pabst can.

Today, we learned that 12 year old David Witthoft has accomplished the nearly impossible task of out-dedicating, if you will, many Packer fans by donning a Brett Favre jersey daily for the last 4+ years of his life (1581 days).

One Response to “First a Pabst casket, now a 12 year old’s Favre jersey”

  1. Brett Favre Gear Says:

    Yeah, you definitely can’t say that Favre doesn’t have any devoted fans – that’s for sure. I read about a few other cases recently, too.

    There were newborn twins from Florida who were born in February 2008. One was named Brett (Brett Aaron Kinsaul) and the other was named Favre (Favre Moses Kinsaul).

    Then there was a group of 3 Marines from Wisconsin who got Favre’s autograph tattooed on them while on leave.

    And I have the nerve to call myself a huge fan! 😉

    Mike Smith

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