What? Was Marvin Harrison involved in a shooting?


Did anyone do a double/triple take upon stumbling across any number of sources (like this ESPN article), indicating Harrison may have been involved in a shooting. The reports note that Harrison had been in an argument with someone who came to his bar and shortly after that, that person was shot. Harrison’s agent denies the story, but the gun/bullets used were apparently traced back to Harrison. Nothing has been substantiated yet and it is presently under investigation, but…what???

I just don’t get this. Maybe I had him cast in the wrong kind of light for all these years, but I thought he was one of the NFL’s good guys. I really admired him as a player. He played hard and never seemed to harbor any sort of an attitude while playing. If there is indeed any truth to this – I’m totally shocked.

That said, I do plan to wait this one out for the real facts on the case before casting judgment on Harrison.


One Response to “What? Was Marvin Harrison involved in a shooting?”

  1. Joe Says:

    This just seems wrong?????

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