Man overboard – Cedric Benson arrested


While we at Packergeeks are firm supporters of beer/other beverage intake in general, we are not supportive of drinking a ton of alcohol and then using vehicles. Last Saturday night, Cedric Benson was allegedly hammered driving around some 15 people on a boat in Texas when he was arrested after a random safety inspection. Having watched with delight the Bears’ many questionable personnel moves over the years (thinking Grossman/Orton aren’t horrible, wasting a #4 overall pick on Benson when they had a talented RB already), this is my guess re what their personnel staff is thinking after this incident:

“Well, when he resisted arrest, at least he showed some decisiveness and held to his conviction. He took one for the team…of party-goers. The image of him being dragged ashore after being pepper sprayed – that’s the kind of pugnacity that only a warrior could have! This is just the kind of leadership we like in our players, especially our QBs. Why don’t we have Lovie make him QB and just start Grossman at RB.”


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