Optimistic About Jordy


Jason Wilde seems to think that there is reason to be optimistic about Jordy Nelson. Nelson, he writes, “caught everything thrown his way Friday (the only practice open to reporters), including a deep ball down the right sideline from seventh-round pick Matt Flynn against second-round pick Patrick Lee.”

Wilde turned to UW quarterback Allen Evridge, who came to Madison from Kansas State.

Because Nelson was something of an unknown commodity to Packers fans before the draft — hence the boos general manager Ted Thompson received at the annual Lambeau Field draft party — Evridge has been deemed the local authority on him.

“I don’t need the YouTube. I know exactly what he’s capable of,” said Evridge, who sent Nelson a congratulatory text message on draft day. “Everybody keeps texting me asking me, ‘What’s this Jordy Nelson all about?’ Well, I know Jordy pretty well, and they got a good one.

“First of all, character-wise, you’re not going to find anyone better. And on the football field, he’s so gifted — 6-3, 220, runs like a deer, extremely strong, physical player. He’s definitely a good catch.”

There are several YouTube videos of Jordy Nelson highlights. It’s worth taking a look at all of them. Here’s a good one. (Sorry, can’t embed the video due to a glitch.)


One Response to “Optimistic About Jordy”

  1. RayMidge Says:

    From those highlights he looks a lot like Javon Walker. A little stouter and maybe a little more polished, but the same type of moves, hands and athleticism. I am probably being wildly optimistic (that’s what the spring is for in football) but he does seem to be the ideal style reciever for this offense.

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