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Steve Slaton, Tom Zbikowski gone

April 27, 2008

Unfortunately, just a few picks before the Packers’ 3rd pick, both of these guys were taken. That hurts. I really felt like adding either one of these guys could have made a huge difference.


Brian Brohm with 2nd pick, Patrick Lee with 3rd pick

April 26, 2008

What do we all think of that? Let Packergeeks know.

Brohm  – I like it. He was one of the players who would have been picked really high in last year’s draft had he come out. He can play and if you really analyze his 2007 year, he did little to hurt his stock. He is a very good quarterback and I really like Rodgers having some competition. Rodgers has shown some ability here and there but the truth is he’s still a bit of a question mark (especially with the injury concerns).

I think because most Packer fans are nice people, we are all rooting for Rodgers because he had to wait a few years patiently to get the chance to play – so we may feel a bit badly for him personally. In fact, I’ve already heard some out there (on radio broadcasts of the draft) not liking this pick because they feel Rodgers should just be given the starting job no question. I disagree. If Brohm comes in there and dominates, he should start. I like getting someone like this deep in the second round. Nice.

Lee – I heard one of the talk radio guys pulling for Patrick Lee – so he must be happy. I confess I know little about him. For those of you who also don’t know much about him – read up here. At least we drafted in more of a need area with this pick. I think it will be helpful to have another talented athlete back there. I do think that one thing TT has in mind when he makes picks is the confidence he has in the coaching staff and their ability to bring players along. From what I’ve read about Lee, sounds like he has some raw talent and speed, some quality return ability, but may also have to work some to be competitive at the next level.


Welcome to Wisconsin Jordy Nelson, from Packergeeks

April 26, 2008

Remember, the last time TT took a 2nd round WR who was relatively unheralded, he picked Greg Jennings – a guy most Packer fans are certainly glad we have. 


Who is Jordy Nelson, the Packers 2nd round pick?

April 26, 2008

Leave to TT to draft some seemingly obscure guy that was not high on other draft boards. Upon hearing this, my response was probably similar to other Packer fans “who the hell is this guy and why would we draft a receiver (who’s not also a return guy)”???

Well, I did some quick research and did comfort myself. He is a big player whom I suspect the Pack thinks can get bigger with proper weight training. Sounds incredibly coordinated and was an All-American WR last year. He only weighs 217, so I would doubt that they drafted him with the hope he could assume a TE role eventually, but I suppose that’s always possible. Read here for more information on him – this write-up on is pretty complimentary.

I know TT probably had him ranked a certain way so that’s why they picked him here, but I’m not crazy about the choice (here in the immediate aftermath). I just don’t know as that is a need position, but it is possible McCarthy may have said he wanted a bigger possession-type receiver in there and Nelson may fit that role. I’m going to hold off on slamming the pick for now (likely Steve will do that) because there is something about his first name that makes me think – maybe this guy will be a good Packer.

I’ll leave you with the last line from the analysis part of his write-up on

“You just get the feeling that he is on the verge of being a special player.”

I like the trade

April 26, 2008

The trade was a good idea. We only dropped back a few spots (#36 overall) and picked up a 4th round pick for doing it. Smart.

DeSean Jackson???

April 26, 2008

It’s possible- would shore up return game, but other than that, WR not a real need. We’ll see. (It’s more likely TT will pick some rather obscure DE nobody’s heard of who will turn out to be money).

Most Disappointing Picks

April 26, 2008

The most disappointing pick the Packers could make at this point would be Chad Henne. Gred Bedard has him listed as a possible pick here. People talk about his “leadership” and the fact that he won a national championship. Did they see him play? That would really suck if he were a Packer, much less a first round pick.

And then of course there are the tight ends. Please, no.

Antoine Cason is now gone. I guess I like Philip Merling at this point. Maybe even Devin Thomas. Or Brian Brohm.

UPDATE: Okay, smart asses.  It would be more disappointing if they took a kicker or a punter.  But not by much.

Tracy Porter — Second Round?

April 26, 2008

Depending on what the Packers do in the first round, one guy I really like in the second is Tracy Porter from Indiana.  He is thought to be an exceptional cover corner with some potential weakness in zone schemes.  But he’s a “ball-hawk” and was very impressive w/Indiana over the past couple of years.  Is a basketball guy, too.

Gil Brandt from, who is the Cowboys former GM, has him rated between 51-60 in his draft evaluations.  You can see the write-up of him here.  I think he could be a tremendous value if he’s still around at 56 or 60.

Mike Jenkins is gone.

Packers Within the Hour

April 26, 2008

As I write, Seattle is on the clock.  There are several intriguing prospects left for the Packers.  My first choice would be Mike Jenkins, who has fallen much lower than most experts projected.  Antoine Cason is still there and so is Brandon Flowers.  Philip Merling might have been a Top 10 pick if he hadn’t had medical issues — so I’d be okay with the Packers taking him.  And of course there’s Brian Brohm.  He would have almost certainly been a Top 5 pick had he come out last year.  There are concerns there — his height, his small hands — but I think he’d be worth a shot if we are unable to trade down.  At safety, Miami’s Kenny Phillips is available and so is Tyrell Johnson from Arkansas State.  I know next to nothing about Johnson, but a lot of people I respect are very high on him and some say he’s the best safety in the draft.

If Jenkins and Cason go, I’d be happiest if the Packers trade down.

FWIW, I think the pick of Chris Johnson by Tennessee is a good one.  His numbers were better than pretty much any RB in the draft — the big question is whether he can make the jump from East Carolina to the NFL.

Be sure to check out Railbird Central if you haven’t already.  Brian is at Lambeau for the festivities there.  And if the Packers take a tight end (especially Dustin Keller) go there to feel better about the pick than you will after visiting packergeeks.

Steelers Take Mendenhall

April 26, 2008

Got to trust Ted Thompson but the Packers could have potentially had Mendenhall — at least according to the draft value chart and assuming a willing partner — for a late third round pick.  He’s going to be a beast.  I wish we had taken him.