Very well taken


This morning, on WSSP 1250 Sports Radio, the host Doug Russell listened to a point a caller made and then said that the caller’s comment was “very, very well taken”. While we know that this essentially means that Doug is acknowledging a good point, couldn’t this just as easily mean that Doug is really complimenting himself because he has received this comment so well? I’m considering changing my use of this expression to this more literal interpretation from now on. If I really feel strongly that I’ve listened to and understood a point particularly well, I will say “point well taken”. I’ll let you know how it works.


3 Responses to “Very well taken”

  1. Jim S Says:


    Doug’s opinions are generally not well thought out, but on the grammatical attributes I would agree “point well taken,” or “good point” works much better than “very well taken.”

    BTW — what is your opinion is the best local sports talk show in MKE?

    I would put the D-List number 1, with Homer #2, Gerry and Cliff #3, Steve Hayward #4 and Doug Russell #5. Bill Michaels doesn’t even make the cut.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Jim S – I agree. Doug is certainly confident and assertive, but I’m not always sure I’m in line with his thinking.

    I would actually agree with you on your order for local shows for the most part. I’d definitely put D-List first – high quality show, smart guys, interesting discussions, funny. I would say for me Gary and Cliff are close to Homer because sometimes Homer’s show can get annoying with that Mitch guy (and Gary and Cliff sometimes get some great discussions going). Then I would actually put Doug Russell next only because Steve Hayward has a tendency to bring everything back to NBA discussions which to me anyway, is like someone talking seriously about pro wrestling. (I have to say, I do like Mike Clemens Green and Golf insider stuff – he often has good and interesting info – also think Adam McCalvy is good).

    Way on board though when it comes to Bill Michaels – one of these nights, just listen for a few minutes if you can stand it and count how many cliches the guy uses. He is a cliche.

  3. Jim S. Says:

    I agree with you on Homer with Mitch. For a while (prior to going to 540am) I was down on Homer because there was too much banter and not enough sports. It has gotten much better as of late. I probably overrated Hayward a bit because I enjoy when Tony Smith is on (one of the most underrated Warriors of all time + a Tosa East grad). Michaels is an abomination as it relates to sports radio. His discussion after Packer games is pathetic. Mike Clemens is a bright spot for Gary and Cliff.

    BTW great blog, I finally tried it a few months back based upon Steve’s recommendation. I hope I am not an interloper in the comments — it seems you guys all know each other.

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