Jason Taylor, Part II


I completely agree with Andy’s post below, most especially his recommendation that we should keep an eye on the situation with Jason Taylor.  Before the draft, I had a relatively simple view of the potential trade with the Dolphins for Taylor: I didn’t want to give up our 1st round pick, was on the fence about giving up one of our 2nd round picks and was enthusiastic about giving up our 3rd round pick.

Bill Parcells said for months that he would not trade Taylor and pledged that Taylor would be a Dolphin or he would retire.  Parcells even went so far as to accuse those who reported on a possible trade of lying.  Then over the weekend, Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland acknowledged that the Dolphins had, indeed, had talks about trading Taylor.

In any case, I’m not sure what, if anything the Packers could give the Dolphins to convince them to part with Taylor now.  I read the report that Andy cites.  (You can see it and the follow-up story by Armando Salguero, who broke the story, here.)  It’s hard to imagine with all of the animosity there — now public — that Taylor can remain with the Dolphins.  If that’s right, there might be something of a fire-sale, especially now that the team that tried to trade for him before the draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars, gave up an insane amount to move up in the draft to select Derrick Harvey.

Ted, if you’re reading this (and we know you are), it’s worth a phone call.


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