Jason Taylor may be on his way out


This morning on Mike and Mike in the morning, ESPN radio, they were discussing how Bill Parcells apparently handled a recent meeting with Jason Taylor. Taylor had taken a break from Dancing with the Stars (a questionable pursuit at best) to stop by Dolphin headquarters, say hi to teammates and wanted to stop in and say hi to Parcells as well. When he showed up at the threshold of Parcells office, Parcells looked up, saw Taylor, didn’t say anything and then went back to watching film. Taylor then left and was understandably pissed about this. Parcells apparently has been mad at Taylor for not showing up to the voluntary camp thing even though Taylor had said a while ago he couldn’t because of his, again, admittedly questionable, commitment to…dancing. Mike and Mike were criticizing Parcells for handling this so poorly considering Taylor is still one of their best players.

I agree. I think Parcells is an idiot. It really got me thinking about the social license we seem to give jerks, as long as they are successful. Many argue that football is just a tough sport and his toughness and cold demeanor are part of what have made him successful. I don’t buy that. I think Tom Coughlin only won a Super Bowl AFTER he softened some and remembered he’s dealing with humans. Think of all of the people in general society and some of the people you know personally, who are total jackasses but who have become successful somehow. Like the previous discussion re Peyton Manning, it is hard to get behind people who whine, complain, treat people disrespectfully, or just plain have no tact, like Parcells. Packerbelle makes a great point in the previous Peyton Manning post comments section when she indicates that part of what hurts about seeing Favre go is how much he respected the game, his teammates, his coaches. He very very rarely whined (he did publicly snap at James Jones last year, but that was uncharacteristic). It is a marvel to me to this day that Favre could classfully (if you will, nice new word) absorb yet another predictable draw play call from Tom Rossley on 3rd and 16 without screaming at him on the sidelines.

I feel lucky that in my lifetime, two of my greatest sports heroes also happen to be two of the classiest guys to play on the biggest sports stages – Sidney Moncrief and Brett Favre. Sorry, tangenting.

Anyway, getting back to my point. I do think we should keep Taylor on our radar. I know the draft is done and some of our ammo for making a trade has been eliminated, but still, I think TT should keep an eye on this because Taylor would be a great veteran addition to our team and it’s possible if this war between Taylor and Parcells isn’t resolved soon, the stubborn Parcells could dump Taylor for less than he was originally seeking.


2 Responses to “Jason Taylor may be on his way out”

  1. joshywoshybigfatposhy Says:

    I realize I’m years behind here, but I think the most frustrating part of watching the Packers during Rossley’s tenure was the 98% attempt rate of draw plays on 3rd and long and the 15% success rate – I felt alone screaming at the TV for 5 years and now feel vindicated.

    Also, as much as adding any above average end always seems like a good idea, I’m getting tired of 250lb DE’s. I know Reggie was a freak of nature, but the trend at DE seems to have favored much lighter speed rushers, and while I appreciate the value of such guys, I’d love to see a couple 295’ers bull rushing every once in a while. It seems that the good lighter guys have a couple standout years before plunging into a slightly-above-average 3rd and long rusher as their speed diminishes.

  2. awhayes Says:

    Joshywoshy – you are definitely not alone with the Rossley thing. Sherman/Rossley probably the least creative playcallers of all time.

    Also, you’ve been KGBed. I hear you on the defensive end thing. KGB was quite good for a bit until offenses realized they could run all over him because he wasn’t big enough. There are plenty of other examples in the NFL to support your concern. However, I still think Taylor can play well and that he’s not too bad against the run. But importantly, I think he’d be a huge locker room addition considering the young team we have.

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