Brett Favre Had a Pedicure?


I hope this report is not true.  In Bob Wolfley’s column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel this morning he flags a story that tells us that Brett Favre had his first facial and pedicure.  Brett Favre, metrosexual.

According to an Associated Press report, when Favre and his wife Deanna were in New York last week they saw a Broadway play, “Jersey Boys,” and, according to Matt Hasselbeck, Favre had his first facial and a pedicure.

Hasselbeck also was in New York and spent time with his former teammate.

“He’ll probably kill me for this,” said the Seattle quarterback, referring to sharing that information with the press. “It was something he and his wife Deanna did together,” Hasselbeck said. “I feel sorry for the woman who did the pedicure.”

That is just so wrong.  Favre is the personification of modern manhood, the avatar of guyness.  And now he’s getting a pedicure?  And a facial?

Full disclosure: I had a pedicure once.  I’m scarred by it to this day.  (My wife gave it to me as a present.)  I will never have another one.  And I have never had a facial.

I thought Laura Ingraham was wrong to criticize Favre for his tears during his farewell press conference.  But if she wants to go after him for this, I’ll be standing right behind her.


5 Responses to “Brett Favre Had a Pedicure?”

  1. Joe Says:

    I think this is Deanna saying, “okay Brett you owe me big time. I stood by you through so much over the years. You got to play football for all these years while I raised the kids. You called the shots and we as a family acquiesced. Now you are gonna do what I want for a while.”

    That said, Brett should have said, “nope. I draw the line at facials, pedicures and massages. Not because I don’t love you honey, but because I have testicles.”

  2. Jim S Says:


    And you gave your brother a hard time about “Pride and Prejudice?”

    Wow, the only thing worse would have been if you got an infection from the pedicure.

    I guess your new nickname should be “nails.”

    (Tongue firmly planted in cheek)

    Jim S.

  3. Steb Says:

    Hmmmmm…….Brett did have a rosy glow to his skin when he appeared on the Late Show w/ David Letterman last week. I assumed it was from the usual prepping that the stars go through on those shows, but now I’m thinking that he may have gone “soft”. Denial may be the only thing that will help Packer fans get through this most difficult and trying time.

  4. sfhayes Says:

    Oh, come on, Jim. It was a gift! And I chose a package that didn’t have a facial. Doesn’t that count for anything!

  5. Scott W Says:


    You didn’t get a Brazilian along with the pedicure I hope.

    I need time to regroup here.

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