The Jared Allen Deal Revisited


This line caught my eye.  It comes from Bill Williamson’s review of the NFC North draft at and it conveys his enthusiasm for the deal that brought Jared Allen to the Minnesota Vikings.  He writes: “Anytime you can get a player who led the NFL in sacks at the age of 25, you make that deal.”

Really?  What if the Packers had offered Ryan Grant, Aaron Kampman, Charles Woodson and first round picks in 2008, 2009 and 2010?  Of course not.  This is the kind of stupid analysis you expect to see on a Vikings blog or at someplace less esteemed than ESPN.  (Unless it came from Sean Salisbury, who offered these kind of bone-headed categorical statements in virtually every appearance.)  The reality is that the Jared Allen deal was a major risk for the Vikings (something Williamson acknowledges elsewhere in his post).  If might work out, it might not.  I happen to think they overpaid for him, even if he wasn’t a risk for a DUI-related suspension.  It was a move you’d expect more from a team that seemed to be on the verge of greatness, not a team like the Vikings.


4 Responses to “The Jared Allen Deal Revisited”

  1. Aaron Says:

    That’s just the thing – the Vikings’ ownership, front office and head coach really think they are on the verge of greatness. And to be honest, if they ever fix the QB position, they could be.

  2. sfhayes Says:

    Color me skeptical. They have a superstar running back, a good offensive line, a great defensive line, mediocre linebackers and an aging defensive backfield. Their WRs are unproven — to say the least — and they don’t have a legitimate tight end. What they paid Visanthe Shiancoe is hilarious. Same, too, with what they paid Bernard Berrian. Do you believe they’re going to pay him more than Atlanta is going to pay Michael Turner. Berrian is decent and Sidney Rice could be great (wanted the Packers to get him last year). But they’re not there yet.

    And then there’s QB. What are they going to do? Tarvaris Jackson is not good. He’s not going to be good (no matter what Andy says). Gus Frerotte is old and was never very good anyway. John David Booty? Not the answer. I think the Vikings are looking at .500 season — maybe 9-7 and a wild card.

  3. Aaron Says:

    Thus my point about fixing the QB position? 😉

  4. sfhayes Says:

    Nah. They need to fix it but they’ll need to take a couple more steps before they’re “on the verge of greatness.” And that’s just on offense. The QB has to have someone to throw the ball to — someone who can catch it. (That last part being the reason they got ride of Troy Williamson.) I think the Vikings have the worst tight ends in professional football, as far as receiving. Yes, their WRs could be decent — Aundrae Allison is not bad, either — but that will take time. How long? No clue. But I’m not sure they can improve much without a better QB.

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