What Does “Ace” Have in Common with Josh Sitton?


Found something interesting in the transcript of the media call with Josh Sitton, the Packers’ fourth round pick of Central Florida.  Frequent commenter “Ace,” a veteran of the Florabama mullet toss, is bound to like this:

(How was the fish tossing contest?) Actually I just went and watched. I didn’t have the 20 bucks to enter it.

(Story behind fish toss?) It’s just a little mullet tossing competition that got started like 20 years ago. My buddy lives out there by Alabama and it’s just a fun thing for people to go out and watch. It’s just kind of fun.

Next year he’ll have to try it.


One Response to “What Does “Ace” Have in Common with Josh Sitton?”

  1. Ace Says:

    Sitton-I would have concerns about his toughness. If he can play in front of 70000 people (ok-from Central FL maybe 10000) he should be willing to embarass himself in front of several hundred tossing a mullet. I don’t think this guy is going to handle training camp well. Is he afraid of doing something he has never done in front of people before? And he couldn’t afford the $20 to toss–and get a Florabama mullet toss tee shirt. I would also be concerned about his financial acumen. Perhaps his rookie contract should include a trip to the Florabama-one of our country’s true historic sites-for personal redemption. Packergeeks should interlink with http://www.florabama.com and its Mullet Toss segment to find out what the Florabama people think about Sitton sittin’ and not tossin’. By the way is the mullet toss this weekend or was it last weekend?

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