Keep an Eye on Chris Simms


The Tampa Bay Bucaneers drafted Josh Johnson (San Diego) in the fifth round, giving them (technically) seven quarterbacks.  Most everyone expects Chris Simms to be cut this summer.  If the Packers are looking for a veteran despite adding both Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn, Simms is a good candidate.  Coming to Green Bay would make sense for Simms, too, as Aaron Rodgers is not settled in as the starter and has durability issues.

Chris Simms, a Green Bay Packer?


3 Responses to “Keep an Eye on Chris Simms”

  1. BratsNBeerGuy Says:

    As an emergency — like four alarm — backup, maybe, but only if they’re forced to. There’s not a lot of potential upside left for Simms. Even diehard UT fans here in Austin have given up on him at this point.

  2. sfhayes Says:

    Agreed. I don’t have much confidence in him, but he’s better than, say, Daunte Culpepper.

  3. Kurmudge Says:

    C’mon, guys. You don’t grab a lefty as a back-up, screws up the entire protection package. The RT has to do everything backwards. The only team where it makes sense for Simms to go is Arizona, to back up Leinart.

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