Who is Jordy Nelson, the Packers 2nd round pick?


Leave to TT to draft some seemingly obscure guy that was not high on other draft boards. Upon hearing this, my response was probably similar to other Packer fans “who the hell is this guy and why would we draft a receiver (who’s not also a return guy)”???

Well, I did some quick research and did comfort myself. He is a big player whom I suspect the Pack thinks can get bigger with proper weight training. Sounds incredibly coordinated and was an All-American WR last year. He only weighs 217, so I would doubt that they drafted him with the hope he could assume a TE role eventually, but I suppose that’s always possible. Read here for more information on him – this write-up on NFL.com is pretty complimentary.

I know TT probably had him ranked a certain way so that’s why they picked him here, but I’m not crazy about the choice (here in the immediate aftermath). I just don’t know as that is a need position, but it is possible McCarthy may have said he wanted a bigger possession-type receiver in there and Nelson may fit that role. I’m going to hold off on slamming the pick for now (likely Steve will do that) because there is something about his first name that makes me think – maybe this guy will be a good Packer.

I’ll leave you with the last line from the analysis part of his write-up on nfl.com:

“You just get the feeling that he is on the verge of being a special player.”


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