Welcome to Wisconsin Jordy Nelson, from Packergeeks


Remember, the last time TT took a 2nd round WR who was relatively unheralded, he picked Greg Jennings – a guy most Packer fans are certainly glad we have. 



3 Responses to “Welcome to Wisconsin Jordy Nelson, from Packergeeks”

  1. bf Says:

    Remember that Jordy Nelson is a 2nd rnd pick in leiu of a 1st round pick. I woundn’t make the same same comparison to Greg Jennings. Moreover, Jennings had much better quickness and speed than what this guy is credited for.

  2. awhayes Says:

    If you’re going to be technical about it, we also got a 4th rounder for this trade so…Also, Jennings and Jordy are different types of receivers – let’s give this guy a shot and have some faith in a GM who historically seems pretty dialed in on draft day.

  3. Kev Nichols Says:

    You Packer fans are gonna love this kid. He’s as down-home great guy as you’ll find as well as being a great receiver. If you’re a parent, I’d go out and buy a Nelson Packers jersey for your kid. He’ll be a great role model for ANY youngster that loves football. He has the same values and work ethic that Favre had. It’s a shame they’ll never be on the same field. GREAT PICK for Green Bay! Good luck, Jordy, the K-State Wildcats here are gonna miss you!

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