Packers Within the Hour


As I write, Seattle is on the clock.  There are several intriguing prospects left for the Packers.  My first choice would be Mike Jenkins, who has fallen much lower than most experts projected.  Antoine Cason is still there and so is Brandon Flowers.  Philip Merling might have been a Top 10 pick if he hadn’t had medical issues — so I’d be okay with the Packers taking him.  And of course there’s Brian Brohm.  He would have almost certainly been a Top 5 pick had he come out last year.  There are concerns there — his height, his small hands — but I think he’d be worth a shot if we are unable to trade down.  At safety, Miami’s Kenny Phillips is available and so is Tyrell Johnson from Arkansas State.  I know next to nothing about Johnson, but a lot of people I respect are very high on him and some say he’s the best safety in the draft.

If Jenkins and Cason go, I’d be happiest if the Packers trade down.

FWIW, I think the pick of Chris Johnson by Tennessee is a good one.  His numbers were better than pretty much any RB in the draft — the big question is whether he can make the jump from East Carolina to the NFL.

Be sure to check out Railbird Central if you haven’t already.  Brian is at Lambeau for the festivities there.  And if the Packers take a tight end (especially Dustin Keller) go there to feel better about the pick than you will after visiting packergeeks.


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